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Agricultural / Irrigation (Pumps)

JP16061 Inch Poly Fittings$0.55 (AU$)
JP1595100mm Delivery Hose$5.00 (AU$)
JP1601100nb Non Return Valve$75.00 (AU$)
JP1789125mm Lay Flat Hose$150.00 (AU$)
JP14994" (100mm) Lay Flat Hose$6.00 (AU$)
JP159340mm Delivery Hose$5.00 (AU$)
JP160340nb Non Return Valve$11.00 (AU$)
JP19195 inch Aluminium Irrigation Pipes$49.50 (AU$)
JP159250mm Delivery Hose$5.00 (AU$)
JP159450mm Delivery Hose$5.00 (AU$)
JP159750nb 316 Grade Stainless Steel Sockets$11.00 (AU$)
JP159650nb Galvanised Sockets$4.40 (AU$)
JP16378" Gate Valve$85.00 (AU$)
JP159880nb Galvanised Tee$16.50 (AU$)
JP1823Ajax Centrifugal Pump$1,050.00 (AU$)
JP2787Ajax Centrifugal Pump$100.00 (AU$)
JP1825Ajax centrifugal pump and Motor$2,450.00 (AU$)
JP1984Aluminium Irrigation Fittings$16.50 (AU$)
JP2019Aluminium Irrigation Pipe - 5" Diameter$70.00 (AU$)
JP1920Aluminium Irrigation Pipes$49.50 (AU$)

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